Introducing The Marksman

A Revolutionary New Rotary Tattoo Machine From Ted Marks (Coming Soon)

Perfectly Balanced, Perfectly Weighted

The Marksman's revolutionary new design is a departure from the traditional "back-weighted" designs where a heavy motor is located near your wrist. By decreasing the weight of the drive system and moving it into the grip, the perfectly balanced Marksman is vastly easier to control during ink application onto skin and allows for a greater range of motion.

Cutting-Edge Ergonomics Saves Your Wrist

The Marksman's interchangeable modular grip design, along with its perfectly balanced weight and less bulky design, means less stress on your hand and wrist. This results in far more comfortable sessions that last longer -- with less long term pain and soreness for the artist when working on large or detailed tattoos.

Incredible Power At Your Fingertips

The Marksman's proprietary rotary system is a marvel of engineering, delivering incredible power when you need it -- without compromising control. The direct rotary-to-linear link results in deeper, richer, more vibrant color and less time spent doing fills. This innovative machine also, thanks to its proprietary gear system, pulls the needle out just as quickly as it enters the skin, making the ink application process less jarring for the client -- which also helps speed up healing time as well.


The Marksman is a revolutionary new tattoo machine painstakingly developed by professional tattoo artist Ted Marks over the course of 5+ years. Utilizing technology never before seen in tattoo machines, The Marksman offers a number of benefits to ensure your work as a tattoo artist looks as amazing as possible and is easier to draw on your clients.

Proprietary Rotary Driver

5 years in the making, the original Marksman was painstakingly handcrafted by Ted Marks, a professional tattoo artist who intimately understands what really matters to tattoo artists.

Lightweight Gear System

The lightweight gear system is not only lighter than conventional machines, but its sturdy plastic construction results in far less noise, making for a more pleasant experience for both the artist and client.

Integrated Needle Adjustments

The Marksman features a built-in needle adjustment knob that allows the device to be quickly and easily adjusted from 2mm to 4mm.

Works With Disposable Catridge Tips

The Marksman utilizes disposable needle cartridge tips, and the front can be fully submerged in cleaning solution for proper sterilization.

Works With Disposable Catridge Tips

The Marksman utilizes disposable needle cartridge tips, and also can be fully immersed in cleaning solution for proper sterilization.